Collaborations with photographers

Karolina Ryvolova Photography

Photoshoot  inspired with my sword dance show.  Shot in beautiful venue of Hluboka castle in Czech republic.

Photo by Karolina Ryvolova

Model, MUA Ajna Kenning

MPX photography

Showcase of the beauty of Japanese kimono and esthetics. Place of the shoot is Japanese garden in Botanical gardens Prague, Troja.

Photo by MPX photography

Model, MUA Ajna Kenning

Johnson Deng

Kimono costume coordination inspired by mythical Fox spirit Japanese stories. Shot in San Francisco.


Photo by Johnson Deng

Model, MUA Ajna Kenning

mhavli foto

Kimono coordination inspired by the life on Japanese courtesans "tayuu" or "oiran”. Shoot in beautiful venue at Buddha bar restaurant in Prague.

Photo by mhavli foto

Model Ajna Kenning

MUA Åsa Lyngstad Make-up Artist​

William Lee and Dave Golden

Kimono costume coordination in purple. Inspired by spring in Japanese tea garden in San Francisco.


Photo by William Lee & Dave Golden

Model, MUA Ajna Kenning

Martin Brabec / VEGA production

This is how we played around after each video shoot at different venues where I performed Japanese dances. Could say a great showcase of Summer in the city of Prague.


Photo by 

Model, MUA Ajna Kenning

Lucie Skřečková / Foto Lucie S.

Kimono costume coordination in purple. Inspired by spring in San Francisco


Photo by Lucie Skřečková
Wolfs by Vlci pana Kocourka

Model, MUA Ajna Kenning