Photo projects with various artists

Karolina Ryvolova Photography

Photos from my dance show inspired with sword dances of aciant Japan and China. I aplied technics from iaido and tameshigiri. The sword dance is danced with japanese sword catana or with older tipe of swords - chinese jian
The dance show is danced in different costumes. On photos you can see traditional black kimono tomesode.

Photo by Karolina Ryvolova

Model, MUA Ajna Kenning

Johnson Deng

Kimono costume coordination inspired by mythical Fox spirit Japanese stories.


Photo by Johnson Deng

Model, MUA Ajna Kenning

MPX photography

Japanese dance performances in various costumes - japanese kimonos.

Thematical shows based on my studies of traditional japanese dance nihon buyou and different japanese dance styles according of contenporary dance and show dance. 
Dance exhibitions of original japanese dances and my own choreographies.

Photo by MPX photography

Model, MUA Ajna Kenning

mhavli foto

Dance show inspired by the life on japanese courteisans "tayuu" or "oiran".
Dance show mixing musical dance, thearte and japanese dance. Flirty dance show showing different parts of the life of a courteisan in old Japan.

Fashion, style, emotions. Thats and more in the perfrmance Oiran concept

Photo by mhavli foto

Model Ajna Kenning

MUA Åsa Lyngstad Make-up Artist​

William Lee and Dave Golden

Kimono costume coordination in purple. Inspired by spring in San Francisco


Photo by William Lee & Dave Golden

Model, MUA Ajna Kenning



Japanese gardens San Francisco

photo by William Lee