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Living Statue Geisha and Kimono Stilt walker

This real life geisha statue will intrigue, convince, startle and amaze the unsuspecting public. A very gentle, atmospheric and authentic character perfect for giving your guests a genuine and warm welcome. This act is perfect for, festivals/ fetes, indoor & outdoor events, meet and greet, evening events and oriental themed events.


Let your guests gaze at themed statue as she stands motionless in various poses, before gracefully moving an arm or head in acknowledgement of guests. Ajna has been performing Japanese acts internationally for over 15 years and for a vast range of corporate brands, companies, marketing campaigns and private functions. Her professionalism and unique style and skill base is what makes her stand out.

Ajna offers a wide range of other walkabout performances in variety of theme costumes.

Types of acts

Kimono - Japanese Living Statue
This act could be styled in variety of colors or themes. Basic Geisha act is in furisode kimono. A festive outfit with all the bells and whistles of traditional Japanese kimono dress with full hair styling and accessories. 

Japanese Living statue can be styled in different themes - Halloween, Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos), Seasons - Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter or Alice in Wonderland, LED Light features or costume made to fit your theme and events needs. 

The performance is on a marked area, 3x30mins or 2x45 minutes long or as upon agreement.

Golden Geisha Living statue
Golden Living Statue offers head-turning characters in sparkling gold kimono dress for unforgettable interactive entertainment

Perfect street performance for festivals, shopping centres, corporate entertaining, exhibitions and more

The performance is on a marked area, 3x30mins or 2x45 minutes long or as upon agreement.


Stilt walker

Stilt walker charakter is the perfect entertainment choice for a wide variety of events and work fantastically as meet and greet characters, mix and mingle or to simply add to the atmosphere at an themed event. Available to tailor her costumes to perfectly suit your event and provide extraordinary entertainment for one of a kind promotions, exhibitions, parties, product launches or carnivals.


Interested in more? How about a living act in costumes from all around Asia? Costumes from China, Thailand, Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam or India. To find out more, please send us an e-mail or just call. 

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