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Kimono fashion show

Ajna's Japanese Kimono fashion show is an elegant and colorful addition to any event. Because the program is designed specificaly for you, it can be a simple introduction featuring one kimono with an interactive tutorial on it's history and use, to a full program with more than twenty different kimonos!
The Kimonos can also be used as costumes for hostesses, theme acts or costumed characters or costumes for theatre, TV and movies.


Types of Kimono presentations

Little peak in to kimono dress up. Ten minutes long show, where the model dresses up in kimono. The concept of the show combines dance and Japanese music to under line the artistic attributes of Japanese fashion.

Basics of kimono wear 
This program talks about the history of the Kimono, and demonstrates how to wear it. How to dress up correctly, tricks and tips. Length of the presentation is about 15 to 20 minutes. The best results are with one model from the audience. Basics of kimono wear is a great way to involve your guests. More volunteers are possible.


Kimono Fashion Show

This program includes five kimonos and an anchor who will describe the various garments and their use and answer questions. The length of the fashion show is 10-15 minutes. The models can be selected from the audience or a signed people of the client. Great idea for team building activities.
If interested, this kimono presentation can be adjusted in the number of presented models (up to 23 kimono ensembles) and time lenght.


Interested in more? How about a Fashion show with costumes from all around Asia? Costumes from China, Thailand, Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam or India. To find out more, please send us an e-mail or just call. 

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