Japanese custome made accessories
hand made by Ajna

Ajna Kenning is a dancer and performance artist. Because of her need for hard to find props, costumes, and accessories to enhance her performances, she began making them herself. Soon, she was getting requests from other performers to create items for them. As the word spread, Ajna found herself devoting more and more time to her growing business. 
Her clients now include numerous performance artists and dance troupes, as well as businesses and individuals.


As a result of her interest in Japanese culture, Ajna's business has recently expanded to include traditional Japanese crafts such as Kanzashi (folded fabric), and Origami (folded paper). Beautiful fabric flowers (kanzashi) and decorative paper pieces (origami) add color and flavor to any event and make wonderful gifts.

Workshops of kanzashi and origami folding for adults or children.

Perfect as invitations, place settings, decorative pieces, and much more. Each piece is a unique work of art. Ajna is currently offering kanzashi/origami workshops for adults and children.
For more information and the variety of presentations please contact us here.