Japanese dances

Japanese dance performances in a variety of traditional dances and dances with twist of contemporary styles.

Ajna will custom design each performance specifically for your event and venue. If desired, a dance workshop, or interactive dance (with audience participation) may be included.

Share the beauty and elegance of Japanese dance with family, friends, and colleagues.

This fun filled experience is also an excellent team building exercise for corporate or private parties.

List of services:
Corporate Events / Product Launch / Weddings / Private Parties / Kids Birthday Parties / Film, T.V. & Music Videos / Cultural events / Tea parties / Cherry blossom festivals & Cultural festivals

Gion Kouta



Fuyo no sakura




Four seasons


Spring in Gion



Cuboniwa no odori


Sakura Sakura


and more...

  • Original japanese Nihon Buyo dance.

    Popular Japanese stage dances. The dances describe the parts of a Geishas life, and highlights the beauty of the Kimono.

  • A folding Fan dance inspired by the work of Taichi Saotome.

  • Dance with Bamboo umbrella - kasa , featuring choreography derived from Gion's Maiko Kasa dances.

  • This dance depicts the changing seasons Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

  • A dance celebrating spring, featuring beautiful flowers and japanese fans.

  • A poem in the garden.

  • A classical japanese cherry blossom dance

  • Dance of beautiful maiden. Choreography by Nishikawa dance school

Curugi no odori 

  • Impresiv sword dance with japanese sword (catana), and traditional japanese music.

​Sokushicu no odori

  • Dance of a japanese courtesan "tayu". This playful dance features authentic props, including the Kiseru (japanese long pipe).

Dance teaching and interactive dance with audience

  • This program introduces the participants to the world of japanese dance. Obon dances are full of fun and easy to learn. You don't have to be a dancer to fully enjoy this offering. No previous dance experience is required.
    You will learn such a japanese hits like Tanko bushi or Tokio bushi and more.

Japanese games and entertainment

Interactive games

  • Have fun with our japanese animators and dancers.
    This is an interactive program featuring Origami making, Folding fan acrobacy, and more.
    Fun, creativity, and team building are at the core of this fun filled experience.